How Your Sales Process Can Make or Break Your Business

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How Your Sales Process Can Make or Break Your Buiness

As a sales manager, the sales process you follow (or don't follow) can make or break you.

We understand just how difficult creating and using a sales process can be--not to mention managing a team (or multiple teams) of people that are also following the process.

That's why we brought the big guns in:

  1. Rich Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer at Trusted Media Brands
  2. Brian Weinberger, Area Vice President at

In this webinar, Rich & Brian will share their winning formulas for success. They'll share more on:

  • How a sales process can make you a more effective manager
  • Approaches to use to ensure that your sales team adopts your sales process
  • Which elements of the sales process lead to success

So, if you're a sales manager, sales VP, or even a CEO, this free webinar is the fuel to keep your sales engine going!

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