Charles Bernard, Sales & Leadership Keynote Speaker

NEW Talks:

1. How to Build a Winning Sales Team

Description: It is impossible for a sales team to perform with any real power or ability to be extraordinary in a world driven by the prevailing model of sales leadership. This model typically relies on myths and stereotypes that look good on paper, but don’t put salespeople in action.

During this session, we will put your team into action by developing a Sales PlayBook for your company. We will also explore the question, “What’s possible for you, your sales team, and your business when you are functioning at a world-class level that consistently wins?”

2. The Power of Context: Creating a High Performing Culture

Description: In business, it’s all about performance—and as a CEO, you want high performers on your team. So how do you harness high performance? And what impacts performance in the first place?

In this session, you’ll discover how the power of context not only impacts performance, but guides the success of your business. Ready to take your people to the next level? Let’s get started!


vistage-private-advisory-boards-for-ceos-executives-and-business-owners-2.jpg“I have witnessed Charles give seminars
that have had CEOs spellbound at his
insights and knowledge.”
-Robert Duncan
Vistage International


“At EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) we bring in speakers that will
deliver tremendous value to our members. Charles Bernard, without
a doubt, exceeded expectations! Our members are Business Owners,
CEOs and Presidents that manage exceptionally busy schedules. In
order for them to invest in a half-day workshop, it better be worth it.

We highly recommend Charles and CFS for your upcoming workshop, conference, or sales training.”
-Beth Chernick, Chapter Manager
EO New York

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